Wedding in Podebrady


Wedding Podebrady

The first weekend of July 2015 belonged to a wedding from Podebrady. Tereza and Rony; young, fresh veterinarian graduates, chose a small church for their big day ceremony and the reception was placed in a former radio station in Podebrady. The catholic ceremony was one of the nicest I´ve ever seen. The most powerfull moment for me was when all  the church started to sing Happy day. It´s not common in the Czech Republic, for a young couple to have a church wedding, and I have to say that I like this kind of ceremony more than a civil one. The church ceremony is more about the couple, life and marriage. It teaches us how to cherish the values which we might have forgotten.

But anyway, Terezka and Rony had a wonderful day, full of love and dance. It´s been a while I saw somebody so involved in the dancing as those two! Such a power and energy. I hope this energy will follow all through your marriage and you can handle everything together.

ceremony: Havirsky kostelik Podebrady

reception venue: Golf Podebrady

sweets and cake: cukrarna u Reinvaldu

Jazz music: Pavel Husa a spol.

rigns: Studio sperk

koordinace na svatbe – Martina Vosmíková a Martin Sipek

jazz wedding in podebrady