"Eliška je prostě úžasná! Profesionální, ale zároveň má i lidský přístup, díky němuž vytvoří nádherné fotografie i když nejste zrovna modelové. Fotografie úplně přesně zachytí sílu okamžiku a vy se můžete dojímat pořád dokola, protože její fotografie prostě "nevyblednou". Díky za všechno, Eli!"Prague / CZPavla {jakub}doporučení od
Amsterdam / Netherlandshannah {seb}Review From

“We can hardly put it into words how happy we were with Eliska. From start to finish she was a joy to work with. Prompt in every communication, really organized, but most importantly she really listened to what we did (and didn’t) want from our day and from our photos. She was perfectly in the background during the whole day, and her smile and nature was calming and lovely to have around. She captured all the important moments, and all of the people, with the wedding party really featuring in the photos. We are sure you can see from the photos she perfectly told a story of our day and captured the fun and spirit of our wedding, and family and friends. I am the first of 4 children to marry and we will of course use Eliska for every one!!! Thank you for perfectly capturing the best day of our lives”

Torino / ItalyCristina {Marco}Review From

"Last autumn we decided to get the plum and get married nine months later. We love photography so the first thing we wanted to do it was to find a great photographer. Surfing on the internet we came across Eliska website and it took just one look to her photos to decide that she was the one we were looking for. She’s passionate about her job, that it’s not only take photographs, but narrate through simple, clear, elegant, and expressive images the union between two persons, narrate their story. What we were looking for it was to have someone that could perceive the precious moments in all their spontaneity. The most important thing for us it wasn’t to have an inventory withall the guests and all the phases of the day, instead it was to find in the photographs the atmosphere of the moment. We can confirm that her service it was in accordance with our expectations, despite weather conditions that were far from ideal. She put us and our family at our ease, so we can be ourselves during all the day, also during the photo shooting. Eliska, you give us one of the most precious wedding gift! Thanks from the heart and above all never lose the passion for your job!”

Tourretes sur Loup / FranceAlexa {Michiel}Review From

“Choosing a photographer for you wedding day is a very difficult decision. First of all, you need to consider if style, editing, and professional touch are as you want it to be. Eliska is an expert at her work so that decision was easily made. Second, you need to adore your photographer.Eliska is with you all the time…! She is the one who is there on those special moments. The moments you feel vulnerable or uncertain and maybe even stressed. When you see the love of your life for the first time that day and cry of happiness. She will guide you in the beginning and make you feel at ease. During the day, she is becoming the fly on the wall whose does her work damn good. She has a good sense for people and her spirits are always up. We have to say it felt like family member having her around. And that’s what this day was all about!”

Tereza Marešová"Šikovná fotografka s velmi sympatickým lidským přístupem a velkou dávkou emocí v každé fotografii. Mám ráda nejen naše krásné svatební fotky od Elišky, ale moc ráda si prohlížím i ta cizí alba, ze kterých na mě dýchá nálada, city i profesionální přístup, protože ty fotky vypadají, jako by na svatbě nebyl žádný rušivý element, ale jako by se ty fotografie udělaly nějak "samy" - a to se mi líbí "
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