Wedding in Leiden

11/7/ 2015

Leiden wedding photographer

This year is full of weddings abroad and I am very grateful that my dream of being an international photographer is slowly becoming a true. The dream is more real thanks to the bride with a floral crown you know from this wedding because she is promoting me between her friends and colleagues and thanks to this word of mouth Yvonne reached out me.

Yvonne and Gert-Jan got married in a city of Leiden, about 40 km south from Amsterdam. Their wedding had few great little details I loved and I would like to share and maybe inspire some future brides.

  • They had an intimate family launch in the backyard.
  • Couple session took a place in a botanical garden of Leiden, followed by a glass of champagne in a beautiful restaurant in the eldest part of Leiden.
  • Boat cruise with siblings and friends before the ceremony which ended at the venue for a dinner ( Just the family and friends) and back to De Burcht – the ceremony site
  • Evening ceremony started after 8 pm and the evening sun provided an incredible light.

Nice part of the day was when we were going through Leiden, looking for a space to sit and relax after the photoshoot. We found very nice restaurant with few tables on the street. The restaurant was closed but when the owner saw the bride and groom, he warmly offered us a glass of champagne to celebrate. After the rest we went to the canal and jumped on the boat for a cruise.

I always like cruising the canals in Netherlands. It never gets boring. Meeting lot of strangers waving at you and saying hello. Going under the bridges which are at times so tiny, that you have to bend your back and hide yourself in the boat…

The ceremony took place in the De Burcht – historic castle in Leiden with a gorgeous view of thwee cathedral. The theme of the ceremony was simple and nice. Their commissioner was a Dutch comedian and I regret that I don’t speak Dutch as all the guests were laughing almost the entire time.

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wedding venue:De Burcht – Leiden / Koetshuis

musicians: Soul Beach

dinner place: Brasserie Meelfabriek Zijlstroom Leiderdorp

dress: Weddings Rotterdam

suit: Oger