Pinup wedding in Luka Lu


When I saw Jessica for the first time in front of my studio I knew her wedding will be different. I didn’t know how much, but I was for sure that she will wear a short, 50´s inspired dress for her wedding day.
When the day came, Jessica invited me to their apartment in Vrsovice. When I arrived, Jessica was already pre-occupied with her friends from her dance group getting dressed like gypsies. It surprised me so I asked one Jessica’s friend what’s going on and she told me “We are from Russia and this is kind of a Russian tradition called Pay-off the bride. The groom has to accomplish few tasks.” The tasks were connected to the bride (of course!) and consisted mainly of questions to show how much he knows her. For example, he had to recognize the shape of her lips on printed faces or know the size of her bra. If he made a mistake, he had to pay the gypsies a “fine”. This was a lot of fun and it showed how connected they are.
For their wedding venue, Jessica and Tomas chose Luka Lu, a mediteran restaurant at Mala Strana close to Petrin tower with an excellent view of the Prague Castle. This restaurant has a great spirit; full of colors, with amazing wooden details with exquisite seafood. I would like to recommend them to everybody who is thinking about intimate ceremony in the inner-city but in a quiet corner and completely hidden from the rush of the city. The great celebratory atmosphere was enhanced by a group of musicians with unexpected temperament in their blood and when you add friends from a dance group, you can bet that your wedding will be one big, wild dance party. People danced around the newlyweds from the beginning to the end. Pure joy and happiness from the music and the dance moves.
Jessica and Tomas, have an amazing marriage and have as much fun as you did on your wedding day.
wedding venue: Luka Lu