Oak ceremony in Arboretum


This blog post will be a bit longer than usual … because the described wedding deserves it.  Last day of January I received an email in my inbox. The email contained a simple message from Michal – the groom: “The time can erase the memories and photography is the only thing that may refresh them. To find a wedding photographer is the only thing I have to do for our wedding.  We are planning the wedding from New Zeeland, so the planning is a bit complicated and because I really like the style of your pictures, I would be very happy if you are available for our wedding day.”

We met each other the day after this email on Skype and from that moment I knew that this wedding will give me more than a working experience – new friends. We spent about an hour and a half chatting about the day and our lives and it really felt like meeting some old friends.  Until the wedding day we exchanged quite a lot of emails about the planning as well as just some simple friendly messages.  One day Terezka (the bride) sent me an email if I could follow them some 300km away from the originally planned venue, because they canceled their booking and they had to move their wedding day close to the places where they were born – to Arboretum Krtiny. Of course I agreed to do so, why should not I – it was them who had to cross the ocean for the wedding, for me it meant just to drive for a few more hours… The day was perfectly organized by ladies from Elyseé and I would like to recommend these wedding planners to anybody who is getting married in Blansko area or around. They were able to perfectly plan a wedding in full wedding season in just two weeks – thumbs up girls!

This wedding was so intense with so much love all around… The love and hospitality were like its secret ingredients.  When we arrived at the bride´s house, her friend from New Zeeland and her mom gave us a warmly welcome. I have especially enjoyed the time we spent with Tereza´s mom – such a great lady she is! They even let us sleep in their house after the wedding . So it happened that I and Anette became members of the wedding like any member of the family. I really felt like not being at work at all during the whole day (and night because we danced till the end of the event).

The day was special from the start. Our way to the venue with historical Skoda car was hilarious. The car had some serious issues with its clutch and we weren´t sure if we can reach the destination, but anyway… the sound of that clutch kept us laughing all the time. Ceremony was placed under old oak. Simple setting with a long scarf lying on the branches… white chares for siblings and a speech of the father that made everyone smile… those were just some of the unique moments of the event.

Right after the ceremony the rain came and changed the mood nearby the lake which formed such a perfect background for the dinner. The lake changed that day many times – you can follow the mood throughout the pictures.

The strongest moment for me was to acknowledge the feeling that everyone had – knowing that we are not to see each other for a long time since Olomucany and New Zeeland are sooooo far away from each other.  Enough words, I am happy I´ve met you, guys. And I hope it wasn´t last time we saw each other.

venue: Arboretum Krtiny

wedding planner: Elysee svatebni agentura

wedding dress: Madora – czech wedding dress designers

rings: Ladislav Kouril

flowers: Kvetiny Bara

catering: Mimo limit

bows and striped tablecloths: sewn by the bride

Pluto the labrador – hero of the day.

Surprise gift from Kristina from My Vernissage – handcrafted albums