Zeleny den Bosaca


Slovak wedding in Zeleny Den

Tato slovenská svatba v krásném místě Zelený Deň – Bošáca je jedna z mých nejoblíbenějších svateb. Obzvlášť proto, že Lukáš a Katka jsou úžasní lidé. A přesně taková byla i jejich svatba…


A long journey to Slovakia started only One day after the previously mentioned Parisian wedding.

Even though I was born in Czechoslovakia I had never received an inquiry from Slovakia. Until this spring. By the way, not only the two weddings were in the same week, but also both of the inquiries came only a few hours one from another. And I had a lot of concerns about being able to make it both. However, I really wanted to do it. Luckily it was a Thursday and Saturday and the world is connected with low-cost flights.

Slovak wedding was a complete opposite of the Paris wedding. Traditions and national costumes were present with a wedding ceremony in church ruins in Haluzice.  Reception happened at the farm called Zelený deň in Bošáca. The place was a garden for a florist first and it got changed it into a wedding venue only later. Such a smart choice. The place is very cozy.

From the beginning of our communication I knew I will love the wedding.  Not just because Lukas is a very funny guy and every mail we changed was like a mailing with an old friend.  But especially because they were so nice to me. They hosted us from Friday to Sunday with the rest of family. And gosh, we drank a lot of local wines and luckily I resisted to join the Borovička drinking challenge!

Slovak weddings are long and wild. You are running around for almost 16 hours and then it all ends with a traditional event called čepčenie. Where girls in costumes change their made tiara for a hat. Very emotional and nice tradition you have dear Slovaks!

This wedding was beyond my expectation and I am lucky I am booked for another wedding to Slovakia next year. Because this is something what we don’t have in the Czech Republic and I wish we could bring alive some old Czech Traditions here as well…

ceremony: Románský kostel Haluzice

venue:Zelený deň

band: Dominika Titková and band

Svadba Zelený deň Bošáca