Barn wedding in Sazava


Barn wedding






It’s going to be just a barbecue party… and in the end we will get married.” Tereza modestly described her wedding in an email inquiry. But when we met and started to talk about it I knew it’s going to be simple, punk and special at the same time.

I am so glad that each wedding is such a unique experience… Sometimes  it’s more than 200 guests,  sometimes a simple elopement with 4 persons. And the places aren’t boring as well as they range from exotic destinations to small towns and villages in the Czech Republic.


The motto of the day was “a barbeque wedding”. Excellent BBQ food was prepared and brought in by Jindra’s friends. One of them works in a famous restaurant in Prague and I have to say that the meat was veeeeery tasty :).

About the day…
Tereza likes riding horses and she hoped that one day she’d walk the aisle on the horse’s back. Jindra wasn’t familiar with the riding but because he wanted to make his wife-to-be happy he took a few riding lessons. The moment they showed up turned out to be one of the nicest wedding entrees that I had a chance to photograph so far.

As you can see, their day was very sunny. According to the weather forecast for 7th August, it was the hottest day of this year. The guests were very creative and found out many ways to cool themselves – from drinking cold drinks (lot of beer especially) to a quick shower under the water pipe. We used this pipe shower background for some of the pics in the end of the day. Thanks goes to Tereza for letting me do it!!:).

Enjoy this barn wedding as much as I did!

Flowers: Henriho kvetinová dílna

This wedding took place in a barn. The barn is not a common wedding place, it is used by the local firemen (who have some big Tatra cars inside) and for boat rental (so all the boats had to be removed by Tereza, Jindřich and friends before the wedding). Once a year it also hosts the “Sazava fest” music festival.

I like the variety of this place. Tereza and her friends used a simple wedding setting. Just a few cans with flowers and pink or cyan bows all over the old doors.

It was first bridal bouquet with a water ampoule covered by the bow. It keeps the flowers fresh all the day. Thumbs up for the florist!