Wedding in France

Wedding Courcelles le Roy

Second wedding in France this year. Both of the weddings took me to Paris and beyond. And I have to say the countryside around it is so beautiful!
This wedding was the biggest surprise of 2018. Lebanese couple decided to go out of the Lebanese wedding standards (250+ guests, huuuge venue, huuge celebration) and they decided to fly to France, to book a chateau in the Loire region and have fun in a beautiful country with the best food and wine. And that proved to be the best idea! I was surprised you can book a beautiful venue via Airbnb. So if you think of getting married abroad, check the booking sites, it’s incredible what you can find there.

Right from the beginnig of the wedding planning I knew they are going to have 25 guests only, I expected a family celebration without a big party. I couldn’t be more wrong. Lebanese have the dancing in their veins. So when the dj started to play the music, they were all on their feet. And it was the best wedding party ever!

It seems it is going to become our tradition, so far I travelled to France accompanied by boys from DIB production. You can see more of the party in their cool wedding clip.
Let’s take a look on the wedding day of Tania and Michel.
wedding planner: Walid Elmusrati

venue: Courcelles Le Roy

catering: MG Reception, France