Real film photo session

Engagement session in Prague


In this busy digital world, when the pictures are instantly ready and you see what you took straight away, it’s nice to calm down… pack few film rolls… and wait weeks until you see it.

The process is slow. And you are not sure if the picture you take is well exposed, sharp. You have 36 frames and 36 chances to have the 1 perfect photo in there. And this process changes the way of photographing. Because before you push the button – you think. You think about everything. Not like in a digital world, when you repeat the photo again and again until it’s perfect.

There is no such a thing as ” I will fix it later” You will not. Because in a dark room, it takes about a million hours to retouch it – photo-manipulate it. And it is probably going to look bad in the end anyway… You have to make it perfect before you expose. And this thing is something, what we all should take into a digital world as well. Think, expose well, remove things you don’t want there. And set up the “36” in your mind.

Since I had finished the studies I didn’t get the chance to work in my darkroom so often even though I really love the smell of chemistry. The struggle when you are opening the roll (as we always did with a beer opener) and pulling the film into the developing roll in a complete darkness is exhausting. Shaking the tank and getting excited before you open it and see if there is something.

When I received this inquiry asking for a film session, my heart was blessed. It was 10th of December. Super freezing day. And Joyce walked the Prague in her Galia Lahav robe. And I was surprised she didn’t freeze to death!

Here they are. Ancient Prague, beautiful couple and home developed Fomapan rolls…

Film Photographer