2019 in pictures

So this year I turned 30. And the number made me feel like a serious adult.
I decided to travel alone for the first time to Canada and this decision turned out like one of the best in my life. I spent 3 weeks in Canada and took an internship in Flytographer office. You can read an article about my experience here.
This year I decided I will work less and travel more. And that’s perfectly what I did. I haven’t spare much, but all the money I spent on travel was the best-invested money ever.

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t have many destination weddings booked. And I ended up having every weekend in a different country starting mid-June to mid-July. And the biggest surprise of the year showed up in June. I was booked for a wedding in Seattle. This is what I love about my job. Sometimes you think you are having a free week and the day after you have multiple bookings showing up on a very last minute!

For the very first time, I was thinking of what to do next with my career so I made the KHIRIA workshop and KHIRIA mentoring. And next year I want to educate more people and be educated.
I wish 2020 will be a great year. Thank you, for being part of my 2019 and see you in 2020!