Schönwald wedding


This was the first wedding I booked for 2015 in 2014. Eileen booked me more than one year in advance in order to be sure I would have enough time for them. She was also the first bride who prepared very special proposal card for me:

Eileen invited me to join their family “goulash night” the day before the wedding at her grandparent’s house. I spent a night there and throughout the morning of the wedding, I could absorb the family atmosphere starting with a big breakfast with the closest family members. All of this made your wedding special to me, Eileen and Sebastian. I love it when I am a real part of the event.

When I was going to post the wedding on my blog, I asked Eileen if she could describe to me some parts of the day. She wrote the following text, and I feel it would be bad to not be authentic to the bride. So this is Eileen on the wedding:

“Well, we got married in the village where my grandmother lives because we had fallen in love with Franzensbad and really wanted to have our reception there. The village church in Schönwald was perfect because it was sort of like home to me when I was little but also close to Franzensbad. 

We were really excited when the RSVPs came rolling in, proving to us that our friends and family were just as adventurous as we are when partaking in a two country wedding! 

My parents flew in from Fort Bliss, Texas in the US where my stepfather is stationed as a Command Sergeant Major. He and my mom hadn’t been back to Germany in an extremely long time so it was very nice to share this moment with them and also let them see what my life is like. This was the first time our two families had really met each other, and it might have been one of the last times for a while because my mother has severe motion sickness when she flies. My grandmother was so nervous she said it was almost as if she were getting married. She has a huge heart and wants everyone to feel at home. It meant a lot to her to see my mothe rand father again after such a long time. 

We also had guests fly in from Iowa, USA, and Stockholm, Sweden where as other guests drove to the wedding from various parts Germany & Austria. Sebastian’s parents even attended an English language course so that they could communicate better with my family and other English-speaking guests. 

This wedding was really about bringing our two worlds together.”

wedding dress:The Last Minute Bride

Floral crown and decoration: Alexandra Gaus from Blumen Fichter

Wedding cake was made by grandparents

Groom’s suit: Artisan Breuninger in Freiburg

Pocket squares: Joel and Son Fabrics, London

Reception venue: Historic Ballroom at the INGO Casino

“Sebastian and I are both active members of Studentenverbindungen (Fraternity & Sorority). We actually met through our fraternity and sorority! He is a member of Corps Suevia Freiburg, and I am a member of AV Merzhausia Freiburg. We even had many guests attend the wedding that are members of Suevia and Merzhausia aswell as members from other Studentenverbindungen throughout Germany and Austria; all of them wore their colorful membership ribbons or bows. Corps Suevia & AV Merzhausia played a considerable role for us at our wedding because both Studentenverbindungen play a large role in our lives, and we invest a lot of time inthem. Of course, we met through them, but they also give us a platform to have individual interests, as well as events that we can attend together. They are like brothers and sisters to us, an extra family that we both have a life-long commitment to.”