Marry in black


My friend Pavlina and her husband Tomas were married on late Baroque chateau which is owned by our good friend. They both fell in love with its history, in the 17th  century the chateau was built  by local aristocrat for his ill wife as he believed that the local water could heal her. The chateau is full of love and I really believe that you can really feel the spirit!

All the wedding was in black and red tones. On the wedding cake was the Icelandic symbol Vegvisir, it means alot to thm as well they both have a Vegvisir tattoo – the symbol is the guide, they believe that the symbol helps the bearer to find the safe way back to home.

All the food served on at wedding, including cakes and beverages, were 100% vegan. They wanted to show friends and family members how they eat and that thei eating habit has many variants. And I have to agree I loved all the food our friend Katka cooked for us the day before.

Flowers: Lucernička flowers
Vegan menu: Mr and Ms Falafel 


pagan wedding