Leiden wedding


Wedding De Burcht Leiden

It already became a tradition that I visit the city of Leiden every year for a wedding since 2014.
This year – 2017 was not an exception.

Leiden is an absolutely charming city in Netherlands with beautiful dominant – shell keep De Burcht van Leiden. Under this man-made hill is located a cozy restaurant Koetshuis where most of the Leiden weddings are placed.

Erin and Hidde are a young American-Dutch couple who met accidentally in Las Vegas and they fell in love immediately.  Hidde comes from Leiden, so the wedding place was set in Holland. The planning of the wedding was not easy because they live in the US. It took a long time to arrange everything.

Their day D was incredible. The weather was amazing, except for one short rain shower. But as we Czechs believe, it will bring happiness to the newlyweds, so having a little rain on your wedding day is not a disaster.

The ceremony place was the old Cathedral – Pieterskerk. After the ceremony, the couple was cheered by an old orchestrion (so typical for Dutch). And all the guests were following the music to the reception place. It was like a parade. The orchestrion is like a magic box on wheels. It played Beyonce from holes in a sheet of paper. Incredible!

The day was a perfect mixture of Dutch humor and Americans heartwarming speeches and behavior.
Take a look at this fairytale wedding with me.
wedding planner: Best day ever events
ceremony: Pieterskerk