Intimate wedding Kutna Hora


This was the smallest wedding I participated on in the 2015 – just the couple, their son, parents and brother of the groom with his wife. Bara, the bride, kept the wedding as a secret and none of her friends knew that it was happening. They chose magical date – Wednesday 9.9.2015 – and as a place for the wedding the selected Kutna Hora (one of the oldest medieval towns in the Czech Republic).

I have to admit that Kutna Hora has been one of my favorite places since studies. I used to go there very often with my schoolmates. The town is very calm but also has a strong historical background, including probably the nicest gothic cathedral in the Czech Republic. Also there are not as many tourist as in our capital city… definitely a nice place for occasional visit and a great wedding destination.

The couple’s preparations took place in pension Barbora, just a few steps from a well-hidden ceremonial chapel. The chapel is situated right next to the cathedral of St. Barbora but you can barely recognize there is something inside. But when the priest opened the doorway, I was speechless. A secret place with amazing atmosphere.

The day of Bara and Karel was perfect. I felt like I’m at my friend’s wedding. I even sat next to the bride during the dinner and we were talking about simple things during the evening in a way that I almost forgot that I am at work :). I really appreciate that I’ve been invited to join the wedding table with a perfect multi-course wedding menu with all the guests around. It wasn’t necessary as we did all the photos we agreed on before the dinner started. But it was a nice touch and also something that I will remember for a long time.

Dear Bara and Karel, you and your family almost made me cry when I was leaving. It does not happed that often that the host is giving me warm hugs and says “thank you for being here with us.” I hope we will meet soon again.

Reception venue: Penzion Barbora

chapel: Kaple Boziho Tela

MUA: Alzbeta Zümrüt