Il Salviatino Wedding


Wedding Florence photographer

A year ago we got in touch with Josh, because he wanted to surprise Sarah with a ring and ask her to spend the whole life with him (look here). It was a rainy day in Prague, she had absolutely no clue about it, but said yes. All that took me to Florence in Italy in September 2017 to document their vows, because there she said yes to Josh once again and forever. All that happened under a morning sunny sky of Tuscany with an amazing overview of Florence.

Sarah and Josh’s original plan was a wedding in the Dominican Republic, big family fest. During the planning process, they changed their minds and asked me what place in Europe I would recommend them for their secret elopement. Tuscany wedding crossed my mind and they chose Florence. So this is a story about how two Americans and a Czech photographer ended up in Italy.

The wedding day started early in the morning,  they exchanged their vows right after the sunrise with an amazing view of Florence from hotel Il Salviatino. Then we divided the couple session into two parts. Morning and evening.  All went fine except two things. Josh felt sick from the morning thanks to a jet lag. And truly, he is my hero for surviving all the shooting. And second unhappy thing was that they didn’t let us shoot in the Boboli Garden.  So be aware of this point, because it is not possible to do a wedding shooting there but there is not a word about it on their public website. We changed the Boboli Gardens to San Miniato church with an amazing view and believe me, this was the best evening view we had a chance to experience all our stay.

Their secret wedding was like a miracle at the end of the season. It was nice to be the only guest at the event and be a part of the secret they kept away from all family members.

venue: Il Salviatino

dress: David’s bridal

btw look at their travel blog. Cute and useful!

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