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10/2/18 Dallas Wedding

Každý, kdo prožil kus 90. let zná seriál Dallas. Když se Haley s Ianem rozhodli, že jsem pro ně ta jediná volba na jejich svatbu, jásala jsem radostí. Výlet za J.R.! To chceš.

V jejich den bylo překvapivě mrazivé počasí. Co mě moc mrzí, že se party kvůli tomu odehrávala vevnitř, místo na střeše mrakodrapu. Ale i tak to byl velký zážitek, na který asi nikdy v životě nezapomenu.

Haley and Ian made a trip to Prague last May and I was their engagement photographer. It is always nice to shoot back in my hometown. The day of the shooting was extremely cold, which is not usual for the beginning of May. Haley was wearing just a floral summer dress and naturally she was frozen.

One year later in Dallas, which was supposed to have warm weather, the cold hit us again. But Haley is a professional and she just faced the weather in her beautiful wardrobe the same way she did in Prague. And I am so proud of her!

When Haley and Ian asked me to cross the world and photograph their wedding I was honored and (what of course Haley and Ian don’t know) I spent few minutes dancing a happy dance in our living room.A  Trip to America, WOW! I had a long bucket list of things I wanted to see before the wedding so I though I might need like two months of holidays to make it all happen.  Thanks to jetradar.com what I recommend to every traveler seeking for good deals I found a flight to New York for 200 USD. So the trip was set up. New York, Dallas and summer gate away in the middle of the winter to Mexico. Two weeks of photographing streets, people and eating a lot of BBQs Tex Mex and Mex food. Heaven on Earth.

Wedding day in Dallas

But Back to the wedding. The day-schedule was compact and amazing: an afternoon with family and friends, late afternoon photo session in Arts District in downtown Dallas, and the ceremony at 6.30pm in a Church followed by party in the party bus and evening reception with the buffet. What I liked was that the guests were there before the wedding party arrived. Bride and Groom had a private room to enjoy the dinner. And it was a first time except for our photo session they could enjoy, that they are married and be together without anyone present. As a photographer spending months and speaking about the wedding with my clients, I know that the newlyweds want to be alone for some time and it is hard to do it because you don’t want to be impolite to all the people they went there just for you. So a private dinner is something you can add to your wedding to give yourself the time you need!

Here they are, Dallas folks. Strangers, who became friends for a lifetime.

Wedding venue:Venue at 400 north Ervay

Bridal dress:Allure

catering: Food Glorious Food

MUA: Eyes By Erica

DJ:Adante Mayo

Wedding coordinator: Sarah Kane

Ceremony venue: St. Thomas Aquinas Church

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