Zbraslavská myslivna


Unicorns, design and fun

This wedding was a first one we made happen with girls from an amazing wedding agency called Yes & Yes and I can not imagine it to be more perfect.
If there is 10 artists and designer working on a wedding together, you can consider it to be guaranteed that it is going to be perfect. And it was.
Adela and Jakub met in art school. He studied in a studio focusing on sculptures and she was in a graphic studio. After some time they both spent on choosing a place for their wedding ceremony, they decided they will get married in a park with a sculpture made by a professor from Jakub´s school. The one who thought Jakub how to craft with wood and chisel.
Adela wore a dress made by another designer from the same Faculty or Art and Design. Chic boho dress in a peach color perfectly fitted their wedding, because it happened in an old lodge (Zbraslavská myslivna)
The whole day was very easy going, there was an awesome atmosphere and in great places. Since their reception venue was situated just a few hundred meters from my home, their photo shooting happened in secret places and meadows I know from walking my dog. Local miracle and untouched nature was a perfect background for Adela´s peach dress and helped the photos to acquire a natural “wild” look.
Let´s take a look at their modern and relaxed wedding in Zbraslavska myslivna. Cool place to get married just 20 mins away from a city center.
wedding planner and decoration: Yes & Yes
flowers: Levante
catering: Cesky Catering