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Loupedeck review

How it is working with Loupedeck? Loupedeck is a lightroom console and it as an awesome tool to improve your Lightroom skills. It gives you more freedom, because you can focus on what really is important – the picture.

2016 – new beginning

This year I am bad with blogging. A lot has happened during fall and I was busy with some family duties and caring of my relatives, so I had no time to blog at all. But it’s Christmas time, precious time when everything calms down and I finally found time to do a personal sneak...

2015 – a year in motion

The year 2015 is coming to an end and I’ve decided to make a “look back post”  for the first time because this year was special to me. It was probably one of the hardest and in strange way nicest years of my whole life. It’s been a year of changes, traveling and at the...