Prague wedding in Villa Richter


I am always curious how did the clients find me. Klara’s story was a big surprise. She was referred to me by her mother which remembered photos of one wedding I did about 5 years ago for a son of her colleague. Seems complicated, right? But it’s nice to see how moms are proud of theirs kids, showing the wedding pictures all around. And that wedding was one of my very first ones. When Klara started to look into her own wedding photographer, I was the first person her mom recommended. Mrs. Sponerova, thank you for being my agent!

This amazing Czech-Italian wedding has been happening at many places in the eldest Prague. Sincethe morning, we all enjoyed the beauty of Prague. Bride was getting ready in an apartment just a few steps from the Charles bridge. The ceremony took place in Church of Our Lady before Týn at Old Town Square. In the evening guest could observe Prague skyline from Villa Richter. These places weren’t chosen at random, but because the groom’s family comes from Italy, the couple wanted to show them the magic of the Czech capital. And they couldn’t chose better places for the event.

The start of the ceremony was interrupted by the tourist visiting the church. The Church of Our Lady before Týn is one of the oldest churches in Prague located on Old town Square and is visited by thousands of people every year. This group of tourists became paparazzis with their phones and selfie sticks, standing around the bride and pushing me and the videographer away. I was surprised how people can be rude. Why they need a picture of a complete stranger bride is like a mystery to me.

The ceremony itself was very pleasant with the young Italian-speaking priest. The most powerful moment was when groom prepared his vow in Czech. After the ceremony, we left the company in an old car Tatraplan to take picture at the Prague Castle. The reception venue – Villa Richter – is just a few steps from there.

There is no better place to see Prague from above than Villa Richter. The reception was bursting with Italian temperament. When friends of the couple started to dance around the tables and later on the bride and groom danced ON the table, I knew this going to be a party of the year. And. It was. Enjoy the day of Klara and Tomaso with me and let’s  soak inthe little piece of Italy in Prague.


Check out video made by Adam Fara

Hair & Makeup: Hedvika Kroupova

Old car rental: Veterani

Venue: Villa Richter

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