Maria Anzbach Hochzeit


Wedding Maria Anzbach

Do you know what inspired your parents to give you your name? Because if you don’t, I do. For my name the story was as follows:  Parents of this bride named their daughter Eliska. And because they always used to be friends with my parents, my mum knew all along. Eliska was born a few years before I was and my mom was truly impressed by her name. And when my mom was expecting a baby-daughter, she and my father have decided to name me after her.
Eliska moved to Austria and we didn´t see each other often. But for years we shared the same passion for arts and thanks to the Facebook we followed each other and what we do and we knew a lot about each other.  When she asked me if I can capture her wedding day I said yes for sure.
Eliska´s husband Mila is a son of Czech immigrants who found the new home in Vienna in the early 80´s. What a nice coincidence they both have the same roots in the same city in north of the Czech Republic. More then half of all the guests were native Czechs so we all understood each other. (I have really appreciated that, because my German is very poor)
Their wedding day was a moody and rainy day, but the weather couldn’t ruin the atmosphere. The morning started with cooking lunch. Beauce when you are a mom of two, you first have to take care of the kids and then be a bride.
The whole wedding happened in one place only –  in a charming old mill in Maria Anzbach.  My favorite moment of this wedding was a beer competition. What else when you have Czech participants? Team Bride defeated Team Groom. Two times… Sorry Mila!
Enjoy this relaxed wedding.
music band: Jazz Inflagranti
venue: Schönbecks Maria Anzbach
florist: Blumengwölb Neulengbach