Hong Kong wedding


Svatba v dalekém Hong Kongu

V březnu 2017 jsem poprvé v životě byla pozvána na svatby mimo Evropu. Moje cesta ještě s kluky z DIB production vedla až do dalekého Hong Kongu. Jak moc se liší čínská svatba od té naší? Podívejte se na následující fotky.

It was the end of March and I was packing my stuff and camera gear for my first destination wedding in Asia. To the Hong Kong wedding.
A lot of you asked me how did I end up with the inquiry from Hong Kong. Well, first time I met Ling and Jimson was in April 2016 in Prague, when they eloped. I was their photographer for this event and we felt comfortable with each other so I was invited to their traditional Chinese wedding to Hong Kong precisely one year after. It was rather a celebration of marriage with a traditional morning occupied by tea ceremonies with family members.
This trip will be the one I will remember forever. Hong Kong is a place like no other I had a chance to visit. The life is way more different and even the wedding habits are the completely opposite to the European one. The day starts very early in the morning for the bride; around 5 am they do her makeup at her place. All family members are present around the bride. When the groom picked her up, they offered a tea together to her relatives as a sign of respect and gratefulness. Then they do the same at the groom’s house. The style of the ceremony is also different.  Everything is very colorful with red as the main color you see, symbolizing happiness. Red is for them as white is for us. Red is a wedding color in their culture as white is in ours.
Ling and Jimson’s wedding celebration took place in a cool English breakfast bar called Brick Lane in the Citic Tower with a perfect view of the New Territories landscape with the highest skyscrapers. Around 300 guests in total were divided into two parts; one half in a first half of the day, the other in the evening. It was like two weddings in one. The day was super busy, long and as a bride and groom in a Chinese society, you have a lot of duties. We had almost no time to sneak out for pictures, so we did a new session the day after, in the evening by the sea in a calmer part of Hong Kong – in Sai Kung village in New Territories.
Wedding venue: Brick Lane Hong Kong
see the vide here

Wedding photography session in Sai Kung Village / Hong Kong / New Territories

Wedding photography in night Hong Kong

Hong kong wedding photographer